Dream Maker Gifts

Dream Maker Gifts : We offer an abundance of Personalized Gifts —all with free shipping for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Mothers Day, Secretaries Day (Administrative Professionals Day), Easter, corporate, new baby, birthday and other holidays. All of our gifts ship nationwide within 24 business hours. Whether you are looking for gifts for women, gifts for men, gourmet chocolates, a new baby gift basket, a birthday gift basket or just a simple corporate thank you gift we are certain to have just the right gift for you.

We take great pride in making sure each and every gift arrives in beautiful condition. If for some reason you do not find that perfect gift within our selection we will be more than happy to create a gift of your own design. Simply send to us an email and let’s talk about your unique gift  idea.

Each and every one of our holiday gift are print after you place your order. All of our holiday gift are hand packaged and every bow is hand made and hand tied with the utmost care. We know our basket making process takes more time than others and that making bows by hand is a tedious and difficult task. But, we feel the difference shows in each and every gift we send out and we are confident your recipient will notice all the care and thought that has gone into the beautiful gift you sent them.


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